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Premium Trim

Go from acceptable to exceptional. CELUKA by KOMA Building Products is the hardest, pre-finished building product in the market. German engineered and made in the USA, its matte finish looks, feels and works just like wood, but will not dent, ding, swell or rot even under the harshest conditions. CELUKA is durable, workable and economical — lasting a lifetime.

Also available in sheet and bead board. Call for more information.

  • Hardest board in the industry — will not ding, dent or scratch
  • Bug, moisture, and rot resistant
  • Contracts 50% less than free foam PVC
  • Every piece comes in exact thickness, every time
  • No special installation tools needed
  • Pre-sanded for best paint adhesion
  • 100% ready to use
  • Reversible — wood grain and smooth sides

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Offered Dimensions

CELUKA Premium Trim

5/8" 1X-3/4" NET 1X-1" NET
4" 3-1/2" 12', 18' L 12', 18' L 12', 18', 20' L
6" 5-1/2" 12', 18' L 12', 18' L 12', 18', 20' L
8" 7-1/4" 12', 18' L 12', 18' L 12', 18', 20' L
10" 9-1/4" 12', 18' L 12', 18' L 12', 18', 20' L
12" 11-1/4" 12', 18' L 12', 18' L 12', 18', 20' L
16" 15-3/4" 12', 18' L 12', 18' L 12', 18', 20' L

The CELUKA Difference

CELUKA is cut with a precision die and bathed in temperature-controlled water for exact thickness and unbelievable durability, every time. Due to this unique manufacturing process, KOMA's CELUKA products stand alone in their level of quality, acheiving a more durable, workable, and economical product than any existing free foam PVC product on the market.
Surface Hardness FAIR BEST
Paint Adhesion GOOD BEST
Spot Sanding POOR BEST
Moisture & Rot Resistance BEST BEST
Thickness Consistency POOR BEST
Signature Mouldings
Offer your customers long-lasting decorative mouldings, without sacrificing beauty, with the KOMA Collection of PVC-extruded mouldings. Designed to complement KOMA's exterior trim products, the KOMA Collection of decorative PVC moulding is beautiful, flexible, paintable and versatile. KOMA PVC mouldings are much easier to maintain than wood or wood composites, and ensures greater uniformity and unmatched durability.

  • Matte finish allows for one coat paint application
  • Easy to cut, drill, rout, glue, nail or staple using common woodworking tools
  • Long lasting beauty
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Ready to install, saving on time and labor

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Moulding Profiles


Premium CELUKA Millwork making it all come together. KOMA Premium Millwork Collection of CELUKA trim boards, skirt boards and corner boards provide builders, remodelers and contractors with great looking siding enhancements that can be installed very quickly, and that will outlast all others. KOMA Millwork can be used with all types of siding, including fiber cement, cedar clapboard, shingles, and vinyl siding.

  • Will not ding, dent or scratch
  • Bug, moisture and rot resistant
  • Every piece has exact thickness, so joints are perfect
  • No special installation tools needed
  • One coat of paint needed for CELUKA, saving time and money over free foam PVC

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Porch Flooring


3/4" x 3.13"

(Visible Face Width: 3.093")
LENGTHS: 8', 10', 12', 16'
CELUKA is the best value in durable porch flooring. Your customers will enjoy a porch that's easy to maintain and will not rot, split, buckle or swell — even in the harshest of conditions. Only for covered porch applications, this reversible porch board is smooth milled or wood grain surfaced. Pre-sanded and ready for paint, providing you unlimited decorative options for today's discerning customers.

  • Exact 3/4" thickness
  • Tongue + groove
  • Pre-sanded and ready to install
  • No paint prep
  • UV-stabilized to reduce fading
  • Reversible surfaces

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Stair Risers

CELUKA Stair Risers offer the toughest solution to high traffic areas of your home's interior and exterior stairs and steps. Milled for perfect fit, you do not have to second guess if this is the right board to do the job.

  • Hardest board in the market
  • Will not ding, dent, or scratch
  • Moisture and rot resistant
  • Every piece delivered in exact thickness
  • Fast and easy to install

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5/8" x 7 ¼" x 48'
5/8" x 7 ¼" x 6'
5/8" x 7 ¼" x 10'
5/8" x 7 ¼" x 16'

Fascia Boards

5/8" x 11 ¼" x 10'
5/8" x 11 ¼" x 12'
5/8" x 11 ¼" x 16'
5/8" x 11 ¼" x 18'
CELUKA Boards are perfect for fascia application. Whether you are covering the exposed joists to a deck or building out the roof fascia for looks and durability, there will be no doubt CELUKA is the product for you.

  • Best paint adhesion in the market
  • Spot sand without flash marks
  • Moisture and rot resistant
  • Contracts 50% less than free foam PVC
  • Fast and easy to install

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Greenbuild Recycling Program

  • Building a Cleaner Future
  • Recycling CELUKA Products
  • Building Job Site Container Service
  • Keeping Building Materials Out of Landfills
  • Partnering with Local Suppliers and Builders

Request More Information on the CELUKA Greenbuild Recycling Program

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